Lecture Announcement: The Unfinished Project of Miki Kiyoshi

The Department of Philosophy at the National Chengchi University is happy to announce that they will be hosting a lecture both in person and virtually titled “The Unfished Project of Miki Kiyoshi”. The speaker for this lecture will be Professor Noe Keiichi alongside discussant Professor Lin Chen-kuo. The lecture will take place at Room 106, BaiNian Building, National Chengchi University on October, 5th, 2023 (1500-1700 Taiwan time) or you can join online by clicking the link here. Read on for more.

Miki Kiyoshi 三木清 (1897-1945) is one of the Kyoto School’s philosophers and renowned disciples of Nishida Kitarō 西田幾多郎 (1870-1945). Unfortunately, he passed away at the age of forty-eight in prison under the coercion of Japanese military government. This makes him unable to finish the chapter on “language” of his representative monograph «The Logic of Imagination» 構想力の論理 as planned. In this talk, I would like to reconstruct this unwritten chapter through the concepts of “rhetoric” and “public sphere”.


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