Angle lecture in Beijing Sunday 11/20

For anyone who’ll be in Beijing on the 20th, you are welcome to my lecture that evening, the title of which is “从进步儒学的角度看社会压迫 [Social Oppression as Viewed by Progressive Confucianism”].” Details follow. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

清 华 历 史 讲 堂

演讲人:安靖如 教 授
主持人:方朝晖 教 授


2 thoughts on “Angle lecture in Beijing Sunday 11/20

  1. I will be in Beijing this weekend, but my Chinese is bu hao. Will the lecture be completely in Chinese? Sounds like it will be a good lecture.

    • Hi Jordan, it will all be in Chinese. If you’ll be in Beijing longer than the weekend, though, shoot me an email and we can get together. (I’ll be arriving back in town on Sunday, so the weekend doesn’t work for me.)

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