A Lot Can Change in 50 Years

Fifty years ago, in the summer and fall of 1966, the People’s Daily was filled with stories lauding the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, which had been officially launched in May of that year. Today’s issue of People’s Daily includes a section titled “推动儒学融入现代社会 (Promoting the Introduction of Confucianism into Modern Society)” which includes three articles:

  • “当代新儒学思潮概览 (A General View of the Contemporary New Confucian Intellectual Trend)” by Guo Qiyong 郭齐勇 of Wuhan University;
  • “着力建构新的世界化儒学 (Energetically Construct a New, Global Confucianism)” by Cheng Chung-ying of the University of Hawaii; and
  • “儒学精华造福现代人生 (The Best of Confucianism Brings Benefit to Modern Life)” by Lou Ninglie of Peking University

The brief introduction to the three essays by the editorial staff follows here:


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