Manuscript and Text Workshop at Oxford

Dirk Meyer writes:

We are pleased to announce the programme for Trinity Term 2014 of the Interdisciplinary Workshop for Manuscript and Text Culture (WMTC) at The Queen’s College, University of Oxford. We will discuss three papers this term.

  • Wednesday 14 May: Paola Ceccarelli (Newnham College, Cambridge): Gods Writing in Ancient Greece
  • Wednesday 4 June: Henrike Lähnemann (Newcastle University): Texts and Textiles: Manuscript Fragments in Medieval Dresses
  • Wednesday 11 June: Maria Khayutina (University of Munich): Writing Agents in Early China (ca. 11-8 cc. BCE): Secretaries and Makers of Slabs

The workshops take place at The Queen’s College University of Oxford: High Street OX1 4AW (Memorial Room). Lectures are from 6-7pm followed by a discussion. All are welcome. (For more details, see here.)

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