Memorial Session Planned to Honor Tong and Lee

Jiyuan Yu, President of the ISCP, writes:

Dear Colleagues:

In the past months, ISCP sadly lost two prominent members and former leaders, Professor Lik-Kuen Tong and Professor Kwang-Sae Lee. Their contributions to our Society and to philosophy will be forever remembered and cherished. I was informed by Professor Laura Weed that Professor Lee was originally scheduled as a speaker at the coming APA Eastern Meeting at a panel organized by the International Institute of Field Being.

With his unexpected passing away and the withdrawal of three other panelists, Laura suggested that the International Institute of Field Being and ISCP work together to turn the available space and time into a memorial session dedicated to Professors Tong and Lee. I think it is a great idea and wholly embrace it. Hence I am calling for your participation, especially those members who know these two great scholars well and/or are interested in their philosophies. You can present a paper about their thought, or a memorial piece about either or both of them, or any other talks in honor of them.

Please contact me or Laura if you would like to speak. Thanks in advance. I would also like to encourage all ISCP members who are at APA Eastern to attend the session, regardless whether you speak or not. The time is: Saturday Morning, Dec. 29, 11:15–1: 15.

All the best wishes;


Jiyuan Yu
Professor of Philosophy
SUNY Buffalo
President and Executive Director
International Society for Chinese Philosophy (ISCP)
135 Park Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260

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