Meritocracy Conference at Harvard

A great line-up for a conference on political meritocracy, starting tomorrow at Harvard:

Political Meritocracy in Comparative Historical Perspective

Sponsored by Harvard Global Institute

Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics Harvard University
124 Mount Auburn Street Suite 520N Cambridge, MA 02138

November 1-2, 2018

Day 1: Thursday, November 1

Opening Remarks (Danielle Allen, Peter Bol and James Hankins)

“Virtue Politics in Renaissance Italy” (James Hankins)

“Just Hierarchy in the State: On the Importance of Service” (Daniel Bell)
“Deconstructing Meritocracy” (Joseph Chan and Martin Chung)


“On Benefits in Machiavelli” (Peter Stacey)

“Talent versus Virtue in Eleventh Century” (Peter Bol)

Lunch Break

“Merit and Theodicy” (Eric Nelson)
“Meritocracy from a Global Perspective” (Michael Puett)

Day 2: Friday, November 2

“Meritocracy and Its Problematique: The Case of Early China” (Yuri Pines)
“Royal Virtue in the Byzantine Empire: Rhetoric, Debates, and Political Action” (Dimiter Angelove)

“One Variety of Meritocracy and its Predicaments in Middle and Late Imperial China” (Wang Fan-sen) “After Self-Cultivation: Identifying a New Source of Values in Seventeenth-Century China” (Wen Yu)

Lunch Break

“Technical Merit, Moral Virtue and Bureaucratic Hierarchy” (Liang Cai)
“Problems for Meritocrats in Seventeenth-Century China” (Willard Peterson)

“Between Democracy and Meritocracy: A Confucian Hybrid Regime” (Bai Tongdong)


Comments (Catalina Balmaceda, Jane Mansbridge, and Peter Zarrow)

Roundtable Discussion


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