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Karyn Lai and Sor-hoon Tan have recently joined the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy as new editors in the Chinese philosophy area, and are undertaking an ambitious program to increase the number of articles on Chinese philosophy from the current dozen up to nearly 40. The SEP’s lack of content in Chinese philosophy has been a topic of discussion here in the past, so this is exciting news. Articles anticipated to come out over the next year include: Chinese Philosophy: Social and Political Thought, Chinese Epistemology, Chinese Metaphysics, Chinese Logic, Chinese Philosophy of War and Peace, Legalism in Ancient China, Tiantai Buddhism, Chan Buddhism, Han Dynasty Syncretism, Song-Ming Confucianism, Qing dynasty philosophy, Contemporary Chinese Philosophy.

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  1. interested in the analogies between Qingwei leifa 清微雷法 and Tendai Mikkyo 天台密教, esp shared used of Gundari-Gangshen and Marishiten 軍大利,麻利西天.

  2. Good, professional-grade and freely accessible synopses of the 《呂氏春秋》 and 《淮南子》 would be nice.

  3. Andrew Howard says:

    It’s about time that SEP came out with an article on Legalism. There are entries on Mohism, the School of Names (mingjia), Taoism, and Confucianism. Any hope for articles on the more obscure Hundred Schools philosophies? Maybe the School of Yin-Yang (yinyangjia), the School of Agrarians (nongjia), or the Eclectic School (zajia)?

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