New Book: Comparing Civilizations

A New Book in the ACPA Series of Chinese and Comparative Philosophy

Comparing Civilizations: China and the West, A Source Book
Authors: John G. Blair & Jerusha McCormack
Publisher: Global Scholarly Publications, New York
ISBN: 978-1-59267-136-6

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Brief Description:

This book belongs to the 21st century. It provides a powerful one-stop tool for understand China as a civilization comparable to that of the West. It brings together central texts from the last 3000 years or so to represent both civilizations, China and the West, organized topically, to enable a genuinely comparative approach.

Special feature: This 600 pages book also contains a CD-ROM with 1680 pages in PDF format designed for on-screen reading, with additional rich variety of supporting materials and alternative texts. Featured with all-word searches, clickable links, images in color, and self-saved comments and highlights, the CD-ROM version allows each reader to evolve a unique personal version of the master text.


A benchmark sourcebook for cross-cultural, comparative studies, . . . the book can be used as a valuable resource in any university (inside or outside of China) to introduce topics and methodologies in Western, Chinese, and comparative humanistic studies.”

— Excerpt from China Review International (2009, based on the first edition of the book)

“As the world undergoes a massive and accelerating sea change in its economic, political, and cultural orders, Blair and McCormack have provided the academy with an effective multimedia engine for pursuing responsible cultural comparisons between the Chinese and Western narratives. If, as Joseph Needham would claim, productive correlations provide us with our human reservoir of wisdom, then this teaching compendium of broad yet nuanced comparisons promises our students of Chinese and Western civilization a much enhanced literacy on each other’s cultural achievements.”

— Roger Ames, Professor of the University of Hawaii, Editor of Philosophy East & West

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