New Book: Dao Companion to the Philosophy of the Zhuangzi

Springer has published the Dao Companion to the Philosophy of the Zhuangzi, edited by Kim-chong Chong. “It covers textual, linguistic, hermeneutical, ethical, social/political and philosophical issues, with the latter including epistemological, metaphysical, phenomenological and cross-cultural (Chinese and Western) aspects.”

A reviewer on Amazon warned “Only 34 of the 46 chapters are in the Kindle version.” Those interested might want to look into/verify this.

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  1. Had some discussion about a philosopher by that name, from 4 BC. The exchange was concerning his use of self-contradiction. The book title you mention treats a way or philosophy. Is this about the historical figure, his teaching, or both? Just curious…

    • The book is about the book, Zhuangzi. Master Zhuang is believed to have lived circa 320 BCE. From the website: “The different chapters in this Dao Companion to the Philosophy of the Zhuangzi cover different aspects of, and reflect different styles and methods in approaching, the Zhuangzi. Part I, Authorship and Commentary, involves the question of authorship and other textual issues. Part II, Concepts, contains accounts and analyses of some central concepts in the text. Part III, Language and Metaphor, is concerned with the significance of the language and metaphorical styles of the text. Part IV, Zhuangzi in the Context of Chinese Philosophy, situates Zhuangzi’s philosophy in terms of its relation to and comparisons with other Chinese philosophies. Part V, Ethical, Social and Epistemic Issues brings up issues of values and knowledge arising from readings of the text. Finally, Part VI, The Zhuangzi and Western Philosophy, draws comparisons between the text and Zhuangzi on the one hand, with some Western philosophical texts and figures on the other.”

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