New Book: Gongsheng Across Contexts

Palgrave Macmillan has recently brought out Gongsheng Across Contexts: A Philosophy of Co-Becoming, an Open-Access book (see here) co-edited by Bing Song (Berggruen Institute China Center) and Yiwen Zhan (School of Philosophy, Beijing Normal University). The table of contents and all materials are available on the above website.

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  1. I might check this out, if only to find out what a philosophy of co-becoming involves. Crossing contexts piqued my attention, because it seems at least peripherally connected to something I have been formulating: the notion of contextual reality I have mentioned elsewhere. There are many questionable realities, some of which seem plainly false; others, only misguided and /or wacky. Whatever intent may be, these beliefs and dogmas come from individuals or groups who say, roughly: reality is what we say it is. There is a lot of it, and, it goes by different names. If I said there is much more of this now, that would be obvious understatement. So, yes—crossing contexts feels meaningful. I need to get a better sense of the meaning and whether it relates to what I am examining.

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