New Book: Inherited Responsibility and Historical Reconciliation in East Asia

The edited collection, Inherited Responsibility and Historical Reconciliation in East Asia, has just been published by Routledge. See the Routledge website for a description and the Table of Contents. This is the first volume in a new series, Political Theories in East Asian Context, edited by Jun-Hyeok Kwak of Soongsil University ( Here is a description of the series:

Political Theories in East Asian Context aims to shed light on the essential theoretical issues spanning around East Asia and provide them with cross-cultural frameworks which include both particularity of East Asia and universality by finding universal patterns from East Asia’s current issues which can be studied for the global prosperity. It reconsiders issues like historical reconciliation, nationalism, multicultural coexistence, political leadership, republicanism, and regional integration, with a view to opening the discourse of particular issues to a wider theoretical horizon. Participated by intellectuals in the field of political science, history, ethnic studies, sociology, and regional studies, this interdisciplinary endeavor is a deliberative forum in which we can reflect on ethical problems facing East Asia in the global era.

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