New book on "Political Confucianism"

Springer has just published The Renaissance of Confucianism in Contemporary China, edited by Ruiping FAN. The book’s essays revolve around the idea of “Political Confucianism,” as that idea has been articulated by Jiang Qing. The Table of Contents includes:

Introduction. The Rise of Authentic Confucianism
Ruiping Fan

Part I. The Renaissance of Confucianism

1. From Mind Confucianism to Political Confucianism
Jiang Qing
2. The Rise of Political Confucianism in Contemporary China
Ruichang Wang
3. On “One-Continuity” in Jiang Qing’s Confucian Thought
Dan Lin
4. Jiang Qing on Equality
Ruiping Fan
5. The Confucian Conception of Transcendence and Filial Piety
Qingxin K. Wang
6. Toward a Proper Relation between Men and Women: Beyond Masculinism and   Feminism
Tangjia Wang
7. The Soft Power in the Confucian “Kingly Way”
Anthony Yeung

Part II. Critiques and Responses

8. Jiang Qing’s “Political Confucianism”
Daniel Bell
9. Declaration towards a Global Ethic? Jiang Qing’s Response
Jonathan Chan
10. Jiang Qing on the Inevitable and Permanent Conflict between the Christian Faith and       Confucian Culture
Ping-cheung Lo
11. The Characteristics and Prospect of Confucian Academies: A Commentary on Jiang Qing’s Ideas on Confucian Academies
Xiuping Hong
12. Three Political Confucianisms and Half a Century
Albert H.Y. Chen
13. Is Political Confucianism a Universalism? An Analysis of Jiang Qing’s Philosophical Tendency
Xianglong Zhang

Part III. A Note on Jiang Qing

14. A Confucian Coming of Age
Erika Yu and Meng Fan

If anyone has read the book, please post some comments here!

2 thoughts on “New book on "Political Confucianism"

  1. I know this might sound funny to some, but I’m starting think Jiang Qing is not radical enough. He makes too many accommodations to liberalism and feminism.


    You guys know that you can download 《公羊学引论》 and 《政治儒学》 for free on Sina, right? Those two books cover the same topics in much greater detail, based on traditional scholarship rather than modern scholarship. These two books are absolutely mind-blowing.

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