New Book: Seok, ed., Naturalism, Human Flourishing, and Asian Philosophy

An exciting new book: Bongrae Seok, ed., Naturalism, Human Flourishing, and Asian Philosophy: Owen Flanagan and Beyond © 2020 Routledge/Taylor Francis (Studies in Contemporary Philosophy Series). The Table of Contents follows, and see also here.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction: Human Flourishing and Naturalized Asian Philosophy – Bongrae Seok
  • Chapter 2: Eudaimonia_Cosmopolitan: Toward an Integrative, Developmental Model of a Good Life, East and West – Jack J. Bauer and Peggy DesAutels
  • Chapter 3: Metaphysics, Virtue, and Eudaimonia in Aristotle and Buddhism – Nancy E. Snow
  • Chapter 4: Living Without a Canopy or Being Mortal and Responsible: Flanagan, Derrida, and Zen Buddhism on the Production of Meaning – Jin Y. Park
  • Chapter 5: Consciousness, Naturalism, and Human Flourishing – Christian Coseru
  • Chapter 6: Physicalism and Beyond: Flanagan, Buddhism, and Consciousness – Matthew MacKenzie
  • Chapter 7: Assessing Flanagan’s Naturalistic Critique of the Luminosity of Mind in Buddhism – Douglas L. Berger
  • Chapter 8: More Things in Heaven and Earth: The Path to Nirvana, Naturalized – Jonathan C. Gold
  • Chapter 9: Flanagan, Haidt, and Mencius: Naturalized Ethics and Modularity of Morals – Bongrae Seok
  • Chapter 10: Owen Flanagan on Moral Modularity and Comparative Philosophy – Philip J. Ivanhoe
  • Chapter 11: Cross-Cultural Philosophy and Well-Being – Owen Flanagan

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