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New Book Series

Sor-hoon Tan has asked me to share information about the new Bloomsbury Research Handbooks in Asian Philosophy.

Bringing together established academics and rising stars, Bloomsbury Research Handbooks in Asian Philosophy survey philosophical topics across all the main schools of Asian thought. Each volume focuses on the history and development of a core subject in a single tradition, asking how the field has changed, highlighting current disputes, anticipating new directions of study, illustrating the Western philosophical significance of a subject and demonstrating why a topic is important for understanding Asian thought.

The first set of titles includes:

  • The Bloomsbury Research Handbook to Chinese Philosophy and Gender, Edited by Ann A. Pang-White, University of Scranton, USA
  • The Bloomsbury Research Handbook to Indian Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art, Edited by Arindam Chakrabarti, University of Hawaii, Manoa, USA
  • The Bloomsbury Research Handbook to Indian Epistemology and Metaphysics, Edited by Joerg Tuske, Salisbury University, USA

Forthcoming volumes include: Chinese Aesthetics; Chinese Moral Psychology; Chinese Philosophy and Methodology; Indian Ethics; Indian Philosophy and Gender

More information is available here.

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