New Books in Chinese and Comparative Philosophy from Bloomsbury

Bloomsbury Philosophy has recently published several new books in Chinese and comparative philosophy. They have recently published Comparing Husserl’s Phenomenology and Chinese Yogacara in a Multicultural World by Jingjing Li, Daoist Resonances in Heidegger by David Chai, and Material Objects in Confucian and Aristotelian Metaphysics by James Dominic Rooney.

Newly in paperback are Critique, Subversion, and Chinese Philosophy by Hans-Georg Moeller and Andrew K. Whitehead, Chinese Philosophy of History by Dawid Rogacz, Chinese and Indian Ways of Thinking in Early Modern European Philosophy by Selusi Ambrogio, and Micheal Slote Encountering Chinese Philosophy by Yong Huang.

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  1. Jingling is a beautiful name that can mean an elf in Chinese, but sadly my name is Jingjing 🙂

    • Dear Patrick,

      You can add the following work of mine, and that of Eric Nelson, to your list:

      Chai, David, ed. Daoist Encounters with Phenomenology: Thinking Interculturally about Human Existence (Bloomsbury Academic, 2020).

      Nelson, Eric S. Chinese and Buddhist Philosophy in Early Twentieth-Century German Thought (Bloomsbury Academic, 2017).

      D. Chai

  2. Dear David,

    Thank you. I am always happy to learn of new titles (it is hard to keep them current, as there are over 135 bibliographies on sundry topics I have assembled over the years). I will add them and they will appear on my page shortly.
    Best wishes,

  3. Let me ‘rectify’ two more names: there should be “Selusi” (a beatiful and very rare name which is worthy cherishing) instead of “Sells” and mine is “Dawid”, not “David”. The rest is OK and please feel free to mention these titles in your much needed database!

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