New Issue of Asian Philosophy (32:2)

A new issue of Asian Philosophy, 32:2 has been published. There are 8 entries for this edition that was posted on the 3rd of April, 2022. See below for a Table of Contents.

Nishida Kitarō and Muhammad ‘Abduh on God and reason: Towards a theology of place

Mindfulness and attention: Towards a phenomenology of mindfulness as the feeling of being tuned in
Erol Čopelj

Confucian philosophy of family: interpretation or justification?
Yong Li

Qian Mu reads Zhuangzi: Regarding ‘there has not yet begun to be a “there has not yet begun to be nothing”
John R. Willams

Miki Kiyoshi’s Philosophy of History and the historical role of myth
Fernando Wirtz

Sage and great person in Zhang Zai’s though
Yunwoo Song

A neglected interpretation of Avicenna’s theory of God’s knowledge of particulars
Amirhossein Zadyousefi

Path-bound normativity and a Confucian case of historical holism
Yujian Zheng

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