New Issue of Asian Philosophy (32:3)

The new issue of Asian Philosophy 32:3 has recently been published. There are 7 entries is this edition which was published on June 11th, 2022. See below for a table of contents.

Avicenna on the problem of God’s knowledge of multiple things
Amirhossein Zadyousefi

The skillful living in the Zhuangzi, Buddhism, and Stoicism
Yu Jiang-Xia

The art of setting up authority: Han Fei’s doctrine of Shi
Liang Liu

Flowers in a mirror: Critique of ‘Confucianization of law’
Kang Sun

Sensibility and moral values in Mengzi’s metaethics
Meng Zhang

Some suggestions on playing games through reading the 15th Assembly of the Prajñāpāramitā-sūtra
Che-Guan Hsiao

Two models of Confucian democracy: A contrastive analysis of Tang Junyi’s and Mou Zongsan’s political philosophy
Jana S. Rošker


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  1. I left a complimentary comment. Apparently, unacceptable. Are you still miffed about what I wrote on Korean Philosophy? Don’t hold grudges—it is contrary to much of what you are supposed to uphold.

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