New issue of Dao

Issue 16:3 of Dao has been published; details are here and below.

In this issue

Guest Editor’s Introduction: Music and Philosophy in Early China

So Jeong Park

Confucius’ Opposition to the “New Music”

Kathleen Higgins

Music and Affect: The Influence of the Xing Zi Ming Chu on the Xunzi and Yueji

Franklin Perkins

Only Music Cannot Be Faked

Meilin Chinn

Zhuangzi and Musical Apophasis

David Chai

Musical Harmony in the Xunzi and the Lüshi Chunqiu: Different Implications of Musical Harmony Resulting from Their Dissimilar Approaches to the Concept of Resonance between Sound and Qi

Jungeun JO

Musical Cultivation in the “Xiu Wen” Chapter of the Shuoyuan

Scott Cook

Sound and Notation: Comparative Study on Musical Ontology

So Jeong Park

Metaphor, Blending, and Cultural Variation: A Reply to Camus

Edward Slingerland

Chong, Kim-chong, Zhuangzi’s Critique of the Confucians: Blinded by the Human

Paul J. D’Ambrosio

Hutton, Eric L., ed., Dao Companion to the Philosophy of Xunzi

Winnie Sung

Jing, Haifeng 景海峰, and Zhao Dongming 趙東明, Hermeneutics and Confucian Thought 詮釋學與儒家思想

Yves Vendé

Li, Maozeng 李茂增, The Beauty Beyond Words: A Critical Biography of Z hu Guangqian 無言之美: 朱光潛評傳

Weimin Sun

Liang, Tao 梁濤, ed., Virtues and Rights: On Confucianism and Human Rights from Cross-Cultural Perspectives 美德與權利: 跨文化視域下的儒學與人權

Yong LI

Sigurðsson, Geir, Confucian Propriety and Ritual Learning: A Philosophical Interpretation

Ori Tavor

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