New issue of Frontiers of Chinese Philosophy

Volume 5 Number 1 of Frontiers of Philosophy in China is now available on SpringerLink
In this issue:
  • Courage in The Analects: A genealogical survey of the Confucian virtue of courage, by Lisheng Chen
  • The true or the artificial: Theories on human nature before Mencius and Xunzi-based on “Sheng is from Ming, and Ming is from Tian”, by Youguang Li
  • Tracing the source of the idea of time in Yizhuan, by Wangeng Zheng
  • The Flexibility of Gua and Yao—Based on an interpretation of Yizhuan, by Bo Wang
  • The spirit of the school of principles in Zhu Xi’s discussion of “Dreams”—And on “Confucius did not Dream of Duke Zhou”, by Yu Chang
  • A sense of awe: On the differences between Confucian thought and Christianity, by Jiantao Ren
  • Some remarks on the re-building of the category of essence and the reflective modernity, by Zhen Han
  • A logic LU for understanding, by Xiaowu Li & Xiangyang Guo

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