New Issue of Journal of World Philosophies – TOC

Living on the Edge of a Volcano

Reflections on Nietzsche’s Philosophy and Albert Saijo’s Zensational Rhapsody

Timothy Freeman

Ricardo Flores Magón and Post-Anarchism

His Exile and His Ontological Anti-Essentialism and Becoming

Obed Frausto

Chicanx Aesthetic Expressions of Resistance

Making Art and Spirit through Altars and Writing

Denise Meda-Lambru

How Can a Philosophy of Inheritance be Framed Adequately?

J. Reid Miller, Claire Katz, Fernando Zapata, Didier Zuniga

How Daoism Can Be for the World

An Autobiographical Essay

Ronnie Littlejohn

Another Look at Iqbal’s Reconstruction

Nauman Faizi’s Analytical Approach to Iqbal’s Philosophy

Alina Anjum Ahmed


Cosmopolitan Vedantic Philosopher?

A. Raghuramaraju

On Yoga and Yogācāra

The Yogasūtra in Light of Buddhist Sources

Daniel Raveh

Kwasi Wiredu

Theorist of Conceptual Decolonization

Sanya Osha

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