Online Seminar Series begins: Robin Wang, Why Yinyang?

The Department of Philosophy at the University of Warwick is pleased to invite individuals to a Philosophy Seminar Series. The seminars will take place between 3:00 pm and 4:30 pm (UK time) on MS Teams and will have a multitude of different topics and speakers. Please read below to see registration for different lectures and their respective topics. Click here for the program.

Professor Robin Wang’s talk “Why Yinyang? A Philosophical Reflection”. 

Professor Chris Fraser’s talk “The Xunzian Critique of Legalism and its Contemporary Significance”.

Dr. Sarah Flavel’s talk “Daoism and Strategic Thinking”

Dr. Jingjing Li’s talk “Husserlian Phenomenology, Chinese Buddhism, and The Problem of Essence”. 

Dr. Paul D’Ambrosio’s talk “Confucian Contingency Model: Person, Agency, and Morality”.

Dr Ai Yuan’s talk “Silence in the Analects, Zhuangzi and Yanzi Chunqiu”.

Dr Yumi Suzuki’s talk “Sino-Hellenic Environmental Philosophy: How Did Ancient Chinese and Greek Philosophers Think About the Environment Differently?”.

Dr Jifen Li’s talk “A New Account of Human Nature in the Xunzi”.

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