Online symposium: “The Lunyu 論語 and Its Neighbours”

In November there will be a two-day online symposium entitled “The Lunyu 論語 and Its Neighbours.” The workshop will be held online via zoom. For further details, please refer to:, and see below for the schedule.

Nov 21, 2020
Charles Sanft – Lunyu 論語 and Its Neighbors in the Han Northwest
Chris Foster – A Master on the Move: Early Medieval Lunyu 論語 Manuscripts Throughout the Sinosphere
Bryce Heatherly – Image and Text in Woodblock-Printed Commentaries of The Diamond Sutra 金剛經 (Fourteenth-Fifteenth Century)
Comments by Michael Puett

Nov 22, 2020
Christopher Nugent – Prime Lunyu 論語
Andrew Meyer – The uses of the Lunyu 論語in the “Mysterious Learning 玄學” tradition of the early medieval period and the early Tang Dynasty
Nikita Kuzmin – Beyond Buddhism: How did the Tanguts learn about Confucius?
Comments by Imre Galambos

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  1. I guess the access to the “Lunyu and its Neighbors” is very limited – I just can not get into it even with the
    given ID number!

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