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CFP: Journal of Chinese Humanities

Dear Colleagues,

You are invited to submit papers for inclusion in future issues of the Scotus indexed Journal of Chinese Humanities (ISSN 2352-1333 / E-ISSN 2352-1341). We welcome articles related to Chinese Philosophy, History, and Literature especially those pertaining to Confucianism, Buddhism, as well as the Tang and Song Dynasties.

Issues for which we are accepting submissions are as follows;

  • 6.1 Confucianism:  Reevaluating Mencius and Xun Zi in light of modern Confucianism
  • 6.2 History: Theories of Political reform through the Tang and Song Dynasties

Journal of Chinese Humanities (JOCH) is an English-language extension of Wen Shi Zhe (Journal of Literature, History and Philosophy), one of mainland China’s most respected humanities journals. JOCH focuses on presenting scholarly work on various aspects of China’s traditional culture and society. It is our goal to foster international dialogue on important issues in Chinese studies and provide a platform for academic exchange. Continue reading →

New Book: History of Chinese Philosophy Through Its Key Terms

An English translation of History of Chinese Philosophy Through Its Key Terms has been published by Nanjing University Press and Springer! Click here for more information about the book.  Below is a brief description of the book from the words of the book’s translator, Shuchen Xiang:

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Song Reviews Li, “A History of Classical Chinese Thought” (Lambert, trans.)

Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

2020.06.17 View this Review Online   View Other NDPR Reviews

Li Zehou, A History of Classical Chinese Thought, Andrew Lambert (tr., intr.), Routledge, 2020, 353pp., $160.00 (hbk), ISBN 9780367230128.

Reviewed by Bin Song, Washington College

It is a daunting task for me to review Li Zehou’s work, not least because while born in and always philosophizing about the same land, Li had entered his intellectual heyday in the 1980s when I was not yet a teenager. While reading Li’s work using Andrew Lambert’s stellar translation, I repeatedly asked myself: what is the difference between him and me regarding the approach to doing comparative Chinese philosophy? Why is there such a difference? What can I learn from him? And what inspirations can Li’s work generate globally.  Since there are English resources[1]that introduce Li’s thought, I won’t dwell on those questions. Instead, I will critique Li’s philosophy as presented in this book.

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