Fudan Programs in Chinese Philosophy

I again offer some information from Prof. Tongdong BAI on Fudan University’s English-language Chinese philosophy programs. There has been discussion of these programs on the blog in the past; search for “Fudan.”  Thanks to your support, since it was launched in 2011, the MA and Visiting programs in Chinese philosophy (with courses taught in English) […]

Fudan English-Language Chinese Philosophy Programs

Here is information about the English-language programs in Chinese philosophy offered at Fudan University. We have had some discussion of them here before. and the feedback we’ve gathered has been consistently positive. I had an opportunity to give a lecture to some of the students in this program a year or so ago, and was […]

Fudan English-Language Programs in Chinese Philosophy

Tongdong Bai writes: Thanks to your support, since it was launched in 2010, the MA and Visiting programs in Chinese philosophy (with courses taught in English) at Fudan have been extremely successful.  It has been three years since these programs were launched in 2011, and 34 students have been enrolled in either the M.A. program (28 students) and the […]

A Busy Week at Fudan University

In addition to the lectures by Kurtis Hagen on Xunzi that I just posted about, there are several other events taking place over the next week at Shanghai’s Fudan University. In chronological order: Friday May 24, 10:00am, P. J. Ivanhoe (Chair Professor of East Asian Philosophy and Religion, City University of Hong Kong) is speaking […]

Fudan's English-language Chinese Philosophy Programs

Fudan University has successfully launched its English-language Chinese philosophy programs (a one-year Visiting Student program, and a two-year M.A. program) this fall, and is now offering information for those who want to learn more about applying to begin in Fall 2012. Please see this poster for the basic information, and this document with further details. […]

Fudan M.A. and Visiting Program in Chinese Philosophy

Tongdong Bai sends this update to a previous announcement: The M.A. and Visiting Student Programs were finally approved by Fudan University, and the application materials are available now.  The programs are aimed to offer opportunities to students who wish to study Chinese philosophy but are not yet able to master the Chinese language.  Various types […]

Study Chinese Philosophy in English at Fudan

Prof. BAI Tongdong would like to announce an exciting new opportunity to study Chinese philosophy, in English (though also with Chinese language courses), at Fudan University in Shanghai. Note that there is some substantial financial assistance available. There are both 2-year MA and 1-year non-degree options. Sounds terrific!