Panel information available for 2013 AAS

A listing of panels to be held at the 2013 Association of Asian Studies Conference, to be held March 21–24, 2013 in San Diego, California, is now available (titles of panels only). It is a long list, and I have not perused it carefully. A couple immediately stood out to me: “339: Chinese Thought as Global Theory?” and “167: Elite and Popular Confucianism in Contemporary China” (I will be taking part in the latter). I imagine there will be plenty more that would interest readers of this blog, though AAS has unfortunately had little philosophy and little on early China in recent years. (See, though, the recent announcement of a meeting-in-conjunction with AAS on the part of the Society for the Study of Early China.)

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  1. I can expand on “Chinese Thought as Global Theory.” That includes me, Leigh Jenco from London School of Economics and Political Science, and Wu Guanjun from Nanjing University. I think there might be a fourth panelist, but I don’t recall right now.

    NIce to hear you’ll be at AAS as well, Steve. I hope we’ll have a chance to get together.

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