3 thoughts on “Pang Pu Passes Away

  1. This isn’t a problem for most readers of this blog, but I don’t read Chinese. I often wonder what fabulous articles about Classical Chinese philosophy lurk out there in putonghua, and frankly I don’t even see much reference to Chinese language articles in your all footnotes.

    Are there some great resources I’m missing? Is anyone translating scholarly articles in either direction?

    • There’s the journal Frontiers of Philosophy in China, which includes lots of translations of current scholarship in Chinese, and Brill’s new book series called Humanities in China Library has translations of Chinese books as well. Three Pines Press has published some translations of recent Chinese work on Daoism. Oh, there’s also a journal called Contemporary Chinese Thought.

      But for the most part, the assumption is that scholarly readers will follow the literature directly in Chinese. As for why Western philosophers don’t seem to cite East Asian scholarship as often as they should: part of the reason (but only part) is that their approaches are very different, so East Asian scholarship is sometimes of limited relevance. But I think that apology only goes so far.

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