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I’ve added a plugin that allows you to download a PDF version of a post. This may be of use for some purposes, however, the current plugin does not include the comments for a post (which can be very illuminating). Nor does it convert non-Latin characters or accented Latin ones. It is what it is. Also, videos from popular sites such as YouTube or Vimeo are converted to links in the pdf. Please note the header, which indicates the presumptive intellectual property ownership by the author of the particular post. For citation norms governing blogs, see this MLA style summary.

There is a link along the bottom of each post for the purpose. Cheers.

3 replies on “PDF download plugin added”

  1. Great!

    One can also just select (CTRL-A), copy, and paste the whole web page (post and comments) into a Word document. The junk from the right-hand side of the page ends up at the end of the Word document, whence it is easily deleted.

  2. Some browsers also have add-ons (or plugins) that will save the current page as a PDF. I use one in Chrome called “Save as PDF” though there are many others.

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