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BNU Summer Philosophy program on Daoism


An announcement from Thomas Michael:

Beijing Normal University is again offering its Summer Philosophy program; this year, it is on the theme of Daoism. The program runs from July 10 to July 25, 2017, and the deadline for submitting application materials is April 23rd, 2017. Please see here for the brochure, here for the Facebook link and application, and read on for more information.

The students of our Summer School are quite diverse. There will be both graduate and undergraduate students, and they can be philosophers or non-philosophers. It is likely that most of them will not have much understanding of Daoism, or even Chinese philosophy in general. Some of them may be learning Chinese but not necessarily advanced at all. In any case, this is not an academic conference with experts on Daoism, nor is it an intensive seminar.

Our lecturers, in addition to myself, include Chen Guying, Liu Xiaogan, Livia Kohn, Mark Csikszmentmihalyi, Friedrike Assandri, Romain Graziani, Dennis Schilling, Li Jinglin, Zhang Weiwen, Qiang Yu, and Jiang Limei.

A large part of our financial sponsorship comes from the Confucian Institute Headquarters, a public institution affiliated with the Ministry of Education in China. They are providing a number of scholarships from the Young Leaders Fellowship Program for participating students that will cover round-trip international air tickets, lodging, sightseeing, and medical insurance during the Summer School period.


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