Quick Technical Note about Commenting

There are two ways to comment in response to a post. You can jump directly to the ‘Submit Comment’ box and use it. That will result in a “primary” comment. The other way to comment is to respond to an existing comment by clicking ‘Reply’ just below the comment. That will result in a bullet-point, nested comment (the nests are enabled five levels deep). For example, see my comment here. Using the ‘Reply’ comments allows for sub-discussions and cuts down on some of the need to scroll up and down the comment papyrus.

3 replies on “Quick Technical Note about Commenting”

  1. A few of you may have noticed that when you note errata on your comments, I have scurried about like an elf and tidied up your comment as you have indicated. We can keep that as the protocol; but don’t worry too much about your minor typos — my elf shoes are a bit tight in the toes…

  2. That’s the beauty of blogging. You just put it out there, ugly warts and all. That’s one of the reasons I call my own blog “Unpolished Jade”. The blogosphere to me is the threshing floor of philosophy–put the ideas out there, see how far they go, what can be done with them, problems and promises, and grow from there. Great stuff…

  3. Not every reply to an Indented Comment need be further indented. If your reply to Indented Comment X is presumably in the mainstream of the subdiscussion that X leads or joins, you can enter it below X without further indenting it, by entering it as a Reply to the most recent comment before X that is one unit less indented than X.

    Caution: It’s easy to slip up while attempting that maneuver.

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