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Participation alert: Chris (of A Ku Indeed! ) and Peony (of Tang Dynasty Times) are running a reading group over on Chris’s blog and Peony’s (simultaneously) on Daniel Bell’s book East Meets West. Here is the link to their announcement: Sounds great! I’ll have to squeeze in Bell’s book somewhere in my end of term grading festivities. (Actually, their posts and comment strings will run gradually, chapter by chapter, so that should make joining in relatively easy.)

2 thoughts on “Reading Group on Chris Panza's Blog

  1. Manyul, thanks for the mention here.

    Glad to have you — and anyone else — join in, if you can find the time. I should note it’s not Bell’s latest book actually — it’s his 2000 work. In discussion about which book to use, Bill Haines suggested (and I think he’s right) that EMW might be more accessible than some of Bell’s other works (it’s also written in the form of a dialog, so it sounds like a fun read too!).

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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