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Recent statistics for the journal Dao

Courtesy of Yong Huang, editor of Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy, here are some statistics about access to Dao and citation of its articles. (We would be happy to post information on any other journals as well.)

November 30th, 2013 Posted by | Chinese philosophy - 中國哲學 - 中国哲学, Comparative philosophy, Journal News, Journal Related | one comment

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  1. Yong Huang says:

    By the way, regarding H5-Index measure for Dao, the number 6 means that at least 6 articles from Dao has been each cited at least 6 times in the past five years. Here are the information of the six articles:

    (1) (cited 11 times) “Moral Obligation and Moral Motivation in Confucian Role-Based Ethics,” AT Nuyen, Dao 8 (1), 1-11,2009

    (1) (cited 11 times) “The Problem of Moral Spontaneity in the Guodian Corpus,” Edward Slingerland,” Dao 7 (3), 237-256, 2008

    (3) (cited 10 times) “The Ideal of Harmony in Ancient Chinese and Greek Philosophy,” Chenyang Li, Dao 7 (1), 81-98, 2008

    (4) (cited 9 times) “A Right of Rebellion in the Mengzi?,” J Tiwald, Dao 7 (3), 269-282, 2008

    (5) (cited 6 times) “Comments on Bryan Van Norden’s Virtue Ethics and Consequentialism in Early Chinese Philosophy,” M Slote, Dao 8 (3), 289-295, 2009

    (6) (cited 6 times) “Zhu Xi’s Spiritual Practice as the Basis of His Central Philosophical Concepts,” JA Adler, Dao 7 (1), 57-79, 2008

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