One thought on “Recent statistics for the journal Dao

  1. By the way, regarding H5-Index measure for Dao, the number 6 means that at least 6 articles from Dao has been each cited at least 6 times in the past five years. Here are the information of the six articles:

    (1) (cited 11 times) “Moral Obligation and Moral Motivation in Confucian Role-Based Ethics,” AT Nuyen, Dao 8 (1), 1-11,2009

    (1) (cited 11 times) “The Problem of Moral Spontaneity in the Guodian Corpus,” Edward Slingerland,” Dao 7 (3), 237-256, 2008

    (3) (cited 10 times) “The Ideal of Harmony in Ancient Chinese and Greek Philosophy,” Chenyang Li, Dao 7 (1), 81-98, 2008

    (4) (cited 9 times) “A Right of Rebellion in the Mengzi?,” J Tiwald, Dao 7 (3), 269-282, 2008

    (5) (cited 6 times) “Comments on Bryan Van Norden’s Virtue Ethics and Consequentialism in Early Chinese Philosophy,” M Slote, Dao 8 (3), 289-295, 2009

    (6) (cited 6 times) “Zhu Xi’s Spiritual Practice as the Basis of His Central Philosophical Concepts,” JA Adler, Dao 7 (1), 57-79, 2008

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