Call for Reviews – Dao De Jing: A Complete Commentary by Zhankui Liu

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Call for Reviews – Dao De Jing: A Complete Commentary by Zhankui Liu


A free copy will be sent to the reviewer by the publisher (Awakening Light Press) for these titles:

Language: Simplified Chinese
Publisher: Awakening Light Press




Book One: 390 pages

  • Hardcover ISBN-10: 1927072107 ISBN-13: 978-1927072103

(September 22, 2013)

  • Paperback: ISBN-10: 192707214X ISBN-13: 978-1927072141

(April 18, 2013)


Book Two: 438 pages

  • Hardcover ISBN-10: 1927072115 ISBN-13: 978-1927072110

(September 22, 2013)

  • Paperback: ISBN-10: 1927072158 ISBN-13: 978-1927072158

(August 18, 2013)


Book Three: 606 pages

  • Hardcover ISBN-10: 1927072123 ISBN-13: 978-1927072127

(September 22, 2013)

  • Paperback: ISBN-10: 1927072166 ISBN-13: 978-1927072165

(September 22, 2013)





About Liu Zhankui


Mr. Liu Zhankui is a rare contemporary enlightened spiritual master of remarkable merits and high virtues. He studied oriental wisdom from several grand masters with Buddhism and Taoist backgrounds. He received the Supreme Spiritual Transmission from a great Himalayan Master.

In addition to the six-volume masterpiece compiled from his own teachings – The Eternal Wisdom, Master Liu Zhankui has reinterpreted a series of ancient oriental wisdom works with his sharp insights and remarkable wisdom, including the Dao De Jing, Diamond Sutra, and Bhagavad Gita.



Dao De Jing: A Complete Commentary, by Mr. Liu Zhankui, a master of contemporary oriental wisdom and a spiritual practitioner of body-and-mind cultivation who has realized Dao, is one of the most comprehensive, thorough and wisdom interpretations of the Dao De Jing.

One of the things that sets Dao De Jing: A Complete Commentary apart from other interpretations of Dao De Jing is the perspective and valuable experience that Mr. Liu Zhankui brings as a result of decades of personal physical and mental practice and consciousness cultivation.

Unlike many other modern scholars, the author’s advanced cultivation and true realization of the Dao allows him to dig deeply into the essence of Dao De Jing’s wisdom and offer a brand new perspective from the height of natural Daodeism. His pursuit of the Great Dao Wisdom and his clear and thorough interpretation of this eternal classic will truly help readers unlock and apply its great wisdom in their daily lives.

The commentary brushes off the accumulated dust that has buried Dao De Jing for thousands of years in metaphysics, religion and superstition, deciphers the essential wisdom of, and the relationship among, eternal mysteries such as Dao, the ancient Xiang (image and scene) culture, Yi culture, the yin and yang, the five elements, Hetu, Luoshu, the ten Heavenly Stems and the twelve Earthly Branches, as well as Fuxi’s Eight Diagrams, reveals the hundreds of evolving natural and social laws hidden in its essential wisdom.

The book clearly interprets and fluently explains the profound, true wisdom essence of the five-thousand-word Dao De Jing in simple languages. Each chapter consists of four sections: Original Text, Interpretation, Annotation and Commentary. The meaning of important words and terms in Dao De Jing is carefully studied in details and traced back to the original characters created by the Oracle and found in ancient bronze inscriptions.

The beginning section of Book One expounds on the essence of Dao De Jing, reviews various other popular versions of the original text of Dao De Jing, and explains the concept of “Wisdom Education Culture” in details. The author also analyzes the ancient Xiang culture, the origins of Chinese characters and includes detailed interpretations, annotations and commentaries of the first three chapters of the original 81-chapter text of Dao De Jing.


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