New Draft Essay on Human Rights and Chinese Tradition

I have recently completed a draft chapter, titled “Human Rights and Chinese Tradition,” for the Handbook on human rights in China being edited by Sarah Biddulph and Joshua Rosenzweig. Anyone interested can take a look; I have uploaded it to my personal archive here. Comments are very welcome!

3 replies on “New Draft Essay on Human Rights and Chinese Tradition”

  1. Steve, I suggest making this the Featured Post. Mine has been up for six months, which is surely more than enough!

    • Hi Bill, well … I don’t know that just an announcement of the availability of an essay counts as a “featured post.” Manyul and I are more than happy to host substantive “featured” posts of the variety that you have contributed, and maybe I’ll come up with one myself, but my instinct is to leave “Roots” there for now. Is that OK?

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