Robins to HKU

Dan Robins, a frequent contributor to this blog, has accepted a job offer from the Department of Philosophy at the University of Hong Kong. Congratulations, Dan! Dan joins several other colleagues at HKU working in Chinese philosophy: Chad Hansen, who has returned to teach common core curriculum courses on behalf of the Department of Philosophy; Tang Siufu, in the School of Chinese; Joseph Chan, in the Department of Politics and Public Administration; and myself, in the Department of Philosophy.

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  1. Chris or Dan,

    Will Dan begin in Fall 2012 or when? Also, just to clarify for those blog followers who might be applying for HKU’s current job opening — Dan will be taking a position that was advertised last year and is not the same as the position you are advertising currently, right?

  2. Manyul, thanks for raising this point. Dan has been hired for a post advertised last year and will begin teaching in Sept 2012. We have just been advertising a second, different post for which applications closed on Nov. 1. The new hire for that post is also expected to start teaching in Sept 2012.

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