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A blog reader who is currently studying in China has written me to pass on the following, about the scholarship that she is currently enjoying (we have posted some info about this scholarship in the past, but this is an update):

I’m currently studying in China thanks to the scholarship of the Confucius China Studies Program of Hanban. The scholarship may cover all the expenses for a three-years PhD in China as well for joint PhD program with non-Chinese universities. It’s a very generous scholarship, covering university fees, living expenses and participation to seminars.  I think, it’s a great opportunity for graduated students aiming to attend humanistic faculties in China. I would like to pass on the following presentation.

Dear All,

Da jia hao!

Please accept our warmest wishes from the Confucius Institute Headquarters in the late autumn. We get to know through the Confucius China Studies Program (CCSP), share every moment in study and life, and have enjoyed such a good time together. We are glad to see every bit of progress of you and extremely appreciate your support to the CCSP Ph.D. Program!

The 2016 CCSP Ph.D. Program Admission process has been launched recently. We cordially invite you to share the news with your friends, schoolmates or any other people who are interested in studying in China. We welcome more and more outstanding youths to join you. As you know, the Sino-foreign Joint Research Ph.D. Fellowship is specifically for Ph.D. students in foreign universities who would like to study 6 months to 2 years in China, and Ph.D. in China Fellowship for master graduates to pursue doctoral degrees in China. The Headquarters will make a personalized development plan for every fellowship recipient, and offer him/her a full fellowship including tuition, living stipend, research grant, etc.

If you would like to recommend anyone, or have valuable suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let us know. For more information please see at

Contact: (as you know ) Hu Laoshi,Wang Laoshi

Tel: 86-10-58595771  Fax: 86-10-58595762


Thank you very much again for your strong support. We wish you a successful and happy semester!


Division of Sinology and China Studies

Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban)

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