Sino-Hellenic Environmental Philosophy (online workshop)

We are pleased to announce the following online event to be held on 9-12th December, 2021. Full programme and registration are now available from the following website:


News: Sino-hellenic Environmental Philosophy – Institute of Philosophy (


Online Workshop




A Comparative Perspective on Environmental Thought

in Early China and Graeco-Roman Antiquity


Thursday, 9 – Sunday, 12 December 2021

Online (Zoom)

Organised at the Institute of Philosophy, University of Bern, Switzerland





(*Alphabetically by speaker’s surname. Titles subject to change.)


The Implications of Greek Ontology and Confucian “Zoetology” in Environmental Thinking

Roger T. Ames

(Peking University)


Plato’s Ecological Insights and His Environmental Ethics

  1. Baird Callicott, Jorge Torres, and Jeffrey Gessas

(University of North Texas, University of Bern)


The Intrinsic Value of the Living Natural World according to Aristotle and It’s Relation to Contemporary Environmental Ethics

Sophia Connell

(Birkbeck, University of London)


The Stoic Contribution to Environmental Ethics

Christopher Gill

(University of Exeter)


A Little Bestiary of the Zhuangzi

Christoph Harbsmeier

(University of Oslo)


The Seasonality of the Emotions in Chinese Medicine

Elisabeth Hsu

(University of Oxford)



Richard King

(University of Bern)


Aristotle on Winds That Impregnate

Mariska Leunissen

(The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)


The Ethics of Vitality in the Zhuangzi

David Machek

(University of Bern)


Porous Bodies and Mobile Spirits: Rethinking Inner and Outer in Early China

Lisa Raphals

(University of California, Riverside)


Death is Not Only a Natural Thing …

Discussing the Human-Nature-Relationship in the Zhuāng zǐ

Dennis Schilling

(Renmin University)


Early Chinese Thought and Its Environmental Misreadings

Roel Sterckx

(University of Cambridge)


Plato and Xunzi on the Role of Humans in the Cosmic Order

Yumi Suzuki

(University of Bern)


Medical Ecology in Hippocratic Medicine

Jorge Torres

(University of Bern)


Towards a Shared Beauty of Nature and Human

Guorong Yang

(East China Normal University)





Wolfgang Behr (University of Zurich)

Lea Cantor (University of Oxford)

Thomas Crone (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)

Alba Curry (University of California, Riverside)

Paul J. D’Ambrosio (East China Normal University)

Betegh Gábor (University of Cambridge)

Eric Hutton (University of Utah)

Lisa Indraccolo (Tallin University)

Karyn Lai (The University of New South Wales)

Liangjian Liu (East China Normal University)

Eric Nelson (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Francesca Puglia (University of Bern)

Marco Schori (University of Bern)

Winnie Sung (Nanyang Technological University)

Anders Sydskjør (University of Bern)

Claudia Zetta (The American College of Greece)

Jingyi Jenny Zhao (Needham Research Institute/Clare Hall, Cambridge)



Workshop Organising Team


Richard King, Yumi Suzuki, Jorge Torres, Francesca Puglia, Marco Schori


Institute of Philosophy, University of Bern, Switzerland

Research: Green Antiquity: Sino-Hellenic Environmental Philosophy – Institute of Philosophy (


This event is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

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