Some Pacific APA Panels

I have heard from both the ISCWP and the ISCP concerning the panels they are sponsoring at the Pacific APA.


WEDNESDAY , APRIL 16, 2014, 6:00 – 9:00 P.M.

G2B International Society for Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Philosophy

Topic: Empathy, Authority, and Wisdom in Mengzi, Mozi, Kant, and Husserl
Chair: Yang Xiao (Kenyon College)
Samuel Cocks (University of Wisconsin-La Crosse)
“Phenomenological and Confucian Accounts of Empathy”
Shirong Luo (Simmons College)
“The Right to Rebel Against Established Authority: Early Confucians and Kant Compared”
Hui-chieh Loy (National University of Singapore)
“Theological Voluntarism in the Mozi”
Jennifer White (San Francisco State University)
“Zhi 智 (Wisdom) as a Metacognitive Virtue in the Mengzi”


Friday 7:00 pm to 10:pm

G7B International Society for Chinese Philosophy, Session 1
Topic: Comparative Ethics and Its Relevance in Today’s World
Chair: Yinlin Guan (University of Edinburgh)
Speakers: Richard Kim (City University of Hong Kong)
“A Mengzian Response to the Pollyanna Problem”
Lauren Pfister (Hong Kong Baptist University) “Comparative Ethical Questions on the Quandaries Involved in the Contemporary Phenomenon of ‘Human Flesh Search Engines’ in the PRC”
Gordan B. Mower (Brigham Young University) “Confucius’s Skeptical Conservatism”
Dobin Choi (University at Buffalo)
“The Mengzi’s Maxim on Self-cultivation in 2A2”

Saturday 6:00 to 9:00
G9D International Society for Chinese Philosophy, Session 2
Topic: Buddhism and Gender: Tradition in Transition
Chair: Robin Wang (Loyola Marymount University)
Speakers: Sandra A. Wawrytko (San Diego State University)
“Buddhist Nondualism: Deconstructing Gender and Other Delusions of the Discriminating Mind”
Hsiao-Lan Hu (University of Detroit Mercy) “Buddhist-feminist Social Ethics”
Ann Pang-White (University of Scranton)
“Non-self, Agency, and Women: Buddhism’s Modern Transformation”
Samuel Cocks (University of Wisconsin-La Crosse) “Wang Yangming, Chan Buddhism, and Moral Situation”

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