Some Technical Issues in the Discussion Forum Updates

A note for those who use the discussion forum: We just updated the forum plugin for this blog to its most recent version (bbPress 2.4) but, perversely, that seems to have affected the display of the discussion update widget that shows recent discussion topics and replies to them. It used to show the author of each entry but now it does not. We are waiting for bbPress support to do something to fix the bugs in their latest version. Meanwhile, we have not seen any other problems with the forum function. If anyone sees something unusual or missing from it, please let us know. Thank you for your patience.

4 replies on “Some Technical Issues in the Discussion Forum Updates”

  1. I chanced to notice just now that when you move your cursor over any title in the “Discussion Reply Updates” list you see the first few words of the reply. That helps a little.

  2. At the end of the discussion threads, under the box for typing comments, one usually sees a list of html tags. But now what I see instead under the comment box is the false statement, “Comments Closed.”

    • Yes, that is a false statement. But it’s always been that way due to the discussion widget being nested within what the blog thinks is a post. In some way of interpreting the previous statement, it is an excellent explanation.

    • Oh! Ha!

      But still there has been a change, which is that the html help no longer shows.

      a widget
      nested in what a
      thinks is a post

      –I suppose that must be a three-pronged, two-slot widget!

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