Special Issue on Wisdom

The journal “Philosophy East and West” (71:3) has just published a special issue on (the concept and the practice of) wisdom in different philosophical traditions. Among others, there are a few articles on Chinese philosophy. Here is the table of contents:


Wisdom: Introduction to Special Issue

Michael Hampe, Kai Marchal


The Art of Dying is the Art of Living: Rationality in Theravada Buddhism

Susan E. Babbitt


The Wisdom of Insight

Ondřej Beran


Wisdom, Deep Deference, and the Problem of Autonomy: Engaging with Being Cheng

Philippe Brunozzi


Philosophers, Mystics, and Other Sages: Wisdom in Early Islamic Thought

Nadja Germann


Wisdom in Individual, Political, and Cultural Transformations: Brecht, Nietzsche, and the Limits of Academic Philosophy

Michael Hampe, Karsten Schoellner


Wisdom: A Murdochian Perspective

Kai Marchal


Who Is a Wise Person? Zhuangzi and Epistemological Discussions of Wisdom

Shane Ryan, Karyn Lai


Birds of Wisdom

Mario Wenning



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