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Teaching Resources Editor Wanted

I’ve temporarily pulled the Teaching Resources page tab off the blog. It was sadly neglected and could use the touch of a motivated, volunteer page editor. If you feel such motivation welling up in your xin, please let me know (manyulim@bridgeport.edu). If more than one of you are interested, I might coordinate a collaboration. Send me a note with your background, experience, and any ideas you have for making the page useful for our readers.

February 16th, 2016 Posted by | Chinese philosophy - 中國哲學 - 中国哲学 | 2 comments

2 Responses to Teaching Resources Editor Wanted

  1. william lewis says:

    Even dated, I found it to be a help.

  2. Manyul Im says:

    Thanks, William. I’m working on something that would be a collaboration with another group. Stay tuned.

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