ToC: Asian Philosophy 33:3

Taylor and Francis Online is happy to announce the new issue of Asian Philosophy, 33:3, containing 6 research articles. Please read below for a table of contents.

The Evolution of Li Dazhao’s Chinese nationalism
Xiufen Lu

A new dialogue on Yijing: the book of changes in a world of changes, instability, disequilibrium and turbulence
David Leong

Reasserting the primacy of xing (human nature) and self-cultivation (xiushen): Li Cai’s (1529-1607) defense of Confucianism against the interpenetration of the three teachings
Lunan Li
Am I the only mind that exists?
A. K. Jayesh
The silent speaker: A Nietzschean reading of Rūmī’s aesthetics of lyric poetry
Hamidreza Mahboobi Arani
Is there a universal priority in cases of value conflicts? — Reverse engineering Quan
Yuhan Liang

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