ToC: Asian Philosophy vol. 29 no. 4

Asian Philosophy vol. 29 no. 4 has been published; see here and below.

Boongaling, “Japanese Liberalism as a Distinct form of Liberalism: The Role of the Yamazaki Ansai School in the Development of Japanese Liberalism”


Buljan, “Political Strategies for Maintaing Power: Power and Nature in Chapter 20 of the Chunqiu fanlu”


Li, “Moral plurality, moral relativism and accommodation”


Ramin, “Death in the philosophy of Mulla Sadra and Schopenhauer”


Rosker, “A philosophical relation between Taiwan and Japan: models of dialectical thought in Mou Zongsan’s and Nishida Kitaro’s theories”


Turner, “On subjectivity and objectivity in the Mengzi–or realism with a Confucian face”

Wang, “A posthumanist reading of loss in Zhuangzi and Jacques Lacan: the missing tally and the lack”

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