ToC: Asian Philosophy, Volume 29, Number 2, 3 April 2019

The latest issue of Asian Philosophy (Volume 29, Number 2, 3 April 2019) has been published. See here or below for the Table of Contents.

  1. Mind and epistemic constructivism: Wang Yangming and Kant 
    pp. 89-105(17)
    Author: Chen
  2. Telling Others to Do What You Believe Is Morally Wrong: The Case of Confucius and Zai Wo 
    pp. 106-115(10)
    Author: Choo
  3. Difference to One: A Nuanced Early Chinese Account of Tong 
    pp. 116-127(12)
    Author: He
  4. A kantian reading of aesthetic freedom and complete human nature nourished through art in a classical Chinese artistic context 
    pp. 128-143(16)
    Author: Hu
  5. The Concept of Intermediate Existence in the Early Buddhist Theory of rebirth 
    pp. 144-159(16)
    Author: Nanda
  6. Modernization of Confucian ontology in Taiwan and mainland China 
    pp. 160-176(17)
    Authors: Rošker

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