ToC: Asian Studies 11:3

The University of Ljubljana Press has recently released a new issue of Asian Studies 11:3. This issue which includes 14 different articles ranging over a variety of topics is a special issue titled “Humanism, Post-Humanism and Transhumanism in Transcultural Perspective: Asian and European Paradigms”. Please read below for a table of contents.

Humanism, Post-Humanism and Transhumanism in the Transcultural Context of Europe and Asia

AI Ethics Beyond the Anglo-Analytic Approach
Paul D’ Ambrosio

Dissolution of the Self

Early Confucian “Human Supremacy” and Its Daoist Critique
Hans-Georg Moeller

The Impact of China’s Biopolitical Approach to COVID-19 on Pets
Thomas William Whyke, Joaquin Lopez Mugica, Sadia Jamil, Aiqing Wang

Toward a Harmonic Relationship between Humans and Nature
Gloria Luque-Moya

Why the Chinese Tradition Had No Concept of “Barbarian”
Xiang Shuchen

The Politics of Pure Experience
Richard Stone

Humanization of Chinese Religion
Maja Maria Kosec

A Humanist Reading of Wang Chong’s Defence of Divination
Mark Kevin Cabural

Marxist Anthropology Through the Lens of the Philosophy of Language
Yang Xiaobo

On Small and Large Bessels
Mateusz Janik

Rein Raud: Being in Flux—A Post-Anthropocentric Ontology of the Self
Manuel Rivera Espionza

Mieke Matthyssen: Ignorance is Bliss—The Chinese Art of Not Knowing
Zhipeng Gao


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