ToC: Comparative Philosophy 10:1 (January 2019)

Here is information on the current issue (volume 10 no. 1 / 2019 issue) of the peer-reviewed, open-access international journal Comparative Philosophy (ISSN 2151-6014), which came out in January 2019. This is also a special issue celebrating the 10th anniversary of the journal. Full text is available at the journal website


DALLMAYR, Fred / Apophatic Community: Yannaras on Relational Being

DONG, Minglai / Correcting Things as Correcting Feelings: A Phenomenological Study of Wang Yang-ming’s Doctrine of Ge-wu

DOTTIN, Paul A. / Sino-African Philosophy: A Re-“Constructive Engagement”

KREUTZ, Adrian / Recapture, Transparency, Negation and a Logic for the Catuṣkoṭi

STOLL, Joshua / Inference, Perception, and Recognition: Kaśmīr Śaivism and the Problem of Other Minds


HONGLADAROM, Soraj / How to Understand the Identity of an Object of Study in Comparative Philosophy

SUN, Wei / Pragmatic Approach or Constructive-Engagement Strategy? —A Methodology in Comparing Chinese and Western Philosophy

MOU, Bo / A Further Look at Explanatory Potency of Constructive-Engagement Strategy: Replies to Soraj Hongladarom and Wei Sun


PEREDA, Carlos / On Mexican Philosophy, For Example

VARGAS, Manuel / Disagreement and Convergence on the Case of Latin American Philosophy, For Example: Replies to Carlos Pereda and Robert Sanchez


MONTEMAYOR, Carlos & FAIRWEATHER, Abrol / Review of Attention, Not Self by Jonardon Ganeri

GANERI, Jonardon / Reply to Carlos Montemayor & Abrol Fairweather

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