ToC: Dao 22:4

The latest issue of Dao, 22:4, has been published. This issue includes 12 new articles. Please read below for a table of contents for the issue.

Sympathy, Resonance, and the Use of Natural Correspondences in Philosophical Argument: A Comparison of Greco-Roman and Early Chinese Sources
Jordan Palmer Davis

Looking for Reasons to be Good: Mengzi as a Moral Advisor
Daniel Young & Thomas Ming

A Contextualist Reconsideration of the “Happy Fish” Passage in the Zhuangzi and Its Implications for Relativism
Alex T. Hitchens

Zhuangzi and Personal Autonomy
Jeff Morgan

Root, Branches, Numbers, Weaving, and Structural Rhetoric in the Huainanzi
Andrew Seth Meyer

Edit by Number: A Response
Dennis Schiling

Circling the Giant Tree: A Response to Andrew Meyer and Dennis Schilling
Benoît Vermander

Bruya, Brian, Ziran: The Philosophy of Spontaneous Self-Causation
Aiju Ma

Chen, Gu Ying 陳鼓應, The Theory of Daoist Philosophy Predominance 道家哲學主幹說
Ziming Song

Dongfang, Shuo 東方朔, Authority and Order: Research on Xunzi’s Political Philosophy 權威與秩序: 荀子政治哲學研究
Yun Wu

Huang, Yushun 黃玉順, Only Tian Is the Greatest: Transcendent Ontology of Life Confucianism 唯天為大: 生活儒學的超越本體論
Xing Zhang

Tseng, Roy, Confucian Liberalism: Mou Zongsan and Hegelian Liberalism
Tzuli Chang


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