ToC: Dao 23:1

Springer is happy to announce that they have published a new issue of Dao 23:1. In this issue that came out in January 2024, there are 13 different articles. Please read below for a table of contents!

Can Pragmatic Confucian Democracy Justify Electoral Representative Government?
Zhichao Tong

Confucian Meritocratic Democracy over Democracy for Minority Interests and Rights
John J. Park

Hypocrisy as Described in the Analects and the Mengzi
Puqun Li

Revisiting Resentment against Heaven in Mengzi 2B13
Hyunwoo Park

Analysis of Zheng in Zhuangzi’s Philosophy
Rongkun Zhang

The Dao of No-Thinking: The Original Core of Chan Thought
Ming Dong Gu

The State of the Field Report XI: Contemporary Chinese Studies of Zhuangzi’s Philosophy of Language in Mainland China
Heyang Zheng

Chen, Xia 陳霞, The Daoist View of Body: An Ecological Perspective道教身體觀: 一種生態學的視角
Dan Xia

Fung, Yiu-ming 馮耀明, Confucian Philosophy from the Perspective of Analytical Philosophy 從分析哲學觀點看儒家哲學
Jiabao Wang

Shaughnessy, Edward L., The Origin and Early Development of the Zhou Changes
Sutong Hao

Wen, Gongyi 溫公頤, The History of Ancient Chinese Logic 中國古代邏輯史, 2 vols. Tianjin 天津: Nankai Daxue Chubanshe 南開大學出版社, 2019, 1344 pages
Huimin Li

Xiang, Shuchen, A Philosophical Defense of Culture: Perspectives from Confucianism and Cassirer
Olga Knizhnik & Yang Xiao

Zhang, Wei, and Wenjing Cai, eds., Phenomenology of Xin-Xing/Phänomenologie des Xin-Xing: East Asian and European Perspectives on Mind-Nature
Guangyao Wang

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