ToC: Dao 23:2

Springer is happy to announce that they have published a new issue of Dao 23: 2. In this issue that came out in June 2024, there are 13 different articles. Please read below for a table of contents.

Confucian Rituals and Aristotelian Habits
Kevin M. DeLapp

Mengzian Sensitivity to Social Roles
Gina Lebkuecher

Political Intimacy and Self-Governance in the Dialogues of Confucius: An Exploratory Study on the Philosophical Potential of the Kongzi Jia Yu
Brian Bruya

“Benefit to the World” and “Heaven’s Intent”: The Prospective and Retrospective Aspects of the Mohist Criterion for Rightness
Bradford Jean-Hyuk Kim

Unmaking Roles in the Zhuangzi: Performances of Compliance, Defiance, and the In-Between
Sonya N. Özbey

The State of the Field Report XII: Contemporary Chinese Studies of the Philosophy of Language in the Gongsun Longzi
Qiao Huang

Chai, David, ed., Daoist Resonances in Heidegger: Exploring a Forgotten Debt
Jana S. Rošker

Liu, Dachun, W Bolu, D Junqiang, and L Yongmu, Reconsideration of Science and Technology I: Reflection on Marx’s View
Carl Mitcham, Alfred Nordmann

Peng, Guoxiang 彭國翔, Methodology of Chinese Philosophy: How to Do Chinese Philosophy 中國哲學方法論: 如何治 “中國哲學”
Ruoyan Wang

Valmisa, Mercedes, Adapting: A Chinese Philosophy of Action
Fan He

Yang, Zebo 楊澤波, The Riddle of the Theory on the Goodness of Nature: Cracking Goldbach’s Conjecture in Confucian Studies 性善之謎: 破解儒學研究的哥德巴赫猜想
Junfeng Xu

Zhang, Jun 張俊, Two Systems of Chinese Aesthetics of Life 中國生命美學的兩個體系
Zheng Chen

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