TOC: Dao Volume 19, Issue 3

Volume 19, Issue 3 of Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy has been published by Springer! Click here to access all 14 articles.  The table of contents follows:

Moral Theorizing and the Source of Normativity in Classical Chinese Philosophy: An Outline
Philippe Brunozzi Pages 335-351

State Maternalism: Rethinking Anarchist Readings of the Daodejing
Sarah Flavel, Brad Hall Pages 353-369

Stingy King Meets Savvy Sage: Rethinking the Dialog between King Xuan of Qi and Mengzi
Howard CurzerPages 371-389

Moral Concern in the Legalist State
Brandon King Pages 391-407

Naming the Unnamable: A Comparison between WANG Bi’s Commentary on the Laozi and Derrida’s Khōra
Gabriella Stanchina Pages 409-426

Reading Taijitu Shuo Synchronously: The Human Sense of Wuji er Taiji
Galia Patt-Shamir Pages 427-442

Theory of Literary Pneuma (Wenqi): Philosophical Reconception of a Chinese Aesthetic
Ming Dong Gu Pages 443-460

The Role of Mohism in Kang Youwei’s Arguments for His New-Text Theory of Confucianism
Ting-mien Lee Pages 461-477

Li, Chenyang, Fan He, and Lili ZhangComprehensive Harmony—Thomé H. Fang’s Philosophy
Téa Sernelj Pages 479-483

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